Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Art of Potty Training Twins

I wish I knew what it was then I could write a book on the subject and get rich! I have been dreading potty training since the big twins were babies and that was before the next 2 arrived. It is right up there with moving them into big girls beds and that hasn’t happened yet either. Big girls pants is the big deal in our house right now and big girls beds will follow when potty training has been mastered, HELP!

To be honest I have been putting it off but one day I bribed them in to having an afternoon nap by saying they could wear Peppa Pig big girls pants when they woke up if they went to sleep. They went to sleep and have been wearing Peppa Pig pants ever since! That will teach me. But I have learnt that some things are best not planned to the nth degree.

Potty training two at a time is really hard. When we are out and about, usually soft play, going to the toilet is part of the entertainment and they fight over who goes on the toilet first and then they choose different toilets but I can’t leave one perched on the loo whilst I go next door to help the other etc etc There really is a gap in the market for a double toddler toilet, maybe my next venture!? At home it is even harder as I have the wee twins to consider. I have two potties in every room but then once they have been filled I have to move them quick before wee twins try to put them on their head. The other day I plonked them over the stair gate to take up to the bathroom once things were a little calmer, then forgot. Later all four were racing up the stairs when one of the wee twins found the potty and threw it over the banister, I can only thank my lucky stars there was just wee wee in it. Then there is potty preference, we own six potty’s but only two are Peppa Pig, Two are deemed “too cold to sit on” by Daisy and the other two are never where they should be anyway. Tomorrow I have a plumber coming round to give us a quote for a downstairs loo. ANYTHING to make this process easier.

They are doing really well and I am very proud of them. There have been accidents but not as many as I thought there would be. Occasionally Lily wets herself for the sheer fun of it but Daisy is horrified at the thought. My biggest headache is the “ I need the toilet” card that is brought out at bedtimes, naptimes and going to playgroup when I have my coat and shoes on and the wee twins are aleady in the pushchair times.

Hopefully Mr Plumber will give us a good quote tomorrow…

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