Saturday, 25 January 2014

Health and Safety at Home!

When wee twins were born big twins had just turned 18 months and still babies themselves. I was a nervous wreck. I literally thought big twins might kill wee twins with ‘love’. Cuddles consisted of literally lying on top of them and when they were bored of them they used to try and bop them on the head and poke them etc etc. In the end I bought a playpen, which could be turned in to a room divider and set up a baby jail with 2 moses baskets and a changing station inside. Big twins used to stand at the bars gazing in and trying to think of ways to climb over. All wooden building blocks and the like were put in the loft so they couldn’t be used as missiles. Bedtime and baths were a logistical nightmare. Bedtime started at around 6pm and I could still be trying to settle wee twins at 9 30pm only to then feed them again at 11pm. There was LOTS of crying.

1 year on and things are a lot easier in many ways with a military routine firmly in place. However with wee twins now on the move and wanting to do everything their big sisters do I often think it is even harder. This morning wee twins were crawling up the stairs at break neck speed with big twins leading the way all clambering over one another to get to the top first. Once at the top Daisy (1 half of big twin set) ran to shut the bathroom door to stop the wee twins from trying to climb in the loo but she got her fingers caught in the door whilst her twin sister tried to push it shut from the other side. Meanwhile wee twins were trying to climb back down the stairs headfirst… Thank the lord my other half was downstairs to rescue a baby or 2.

So now I write this sipping my large glass of wine with a few more white hairs than I had yesterday and am thankful for getting through another day without any major incident.  We are potty training at the moment so who knows what tomorrow will bring. But potty training is a subject that deserves at least 2 or 3 blog entries all to itself…

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