Monday, 14 March 2016

Threads, tags, spillage and new pants

I don't know if I have made this clear in previous posts but I live in an absolute mad house! This mad house is also a terraced house and I feel very sorry for my neighbours as there is always some form of screaming, shouting or waling going on. Very often very early in the morning|! My former self would have hated living next door to me, I am not a morning person which is quite difficult at 5am when two out of four have wet the bed....


I am currently living with a pair of gorgeous but slightly OCD three year olds. Molly, especially gets very upset by any form or spillage on oneself at meal times or even worse stepping in a spillage in socked feet. A wet sock can start a meltdown like no other and often only a full outfit change will suffice, more often than not just when we are about to get ready to leave for the school run. A hanging thread from a sock, glove, legging or any clothes item for that matter needs scissors NOW, GET RID of if NOW and if you can't then I will need a full outfit change immediately. My three year olds are very clever in the toilet department and have been fully potty trained for some time, they are so grown up they don't like any help wiping their wee wee's, which is fine and commendable and I am very proud until a small drip falls into their pants! This results in a full outfit change NOW! No not the scruffy clothes you keep downstairs for emergencies, I need to go back upstairs NOW with you to spend 20 minutes choosing more clothes.


I sometimes wonder at the fact that my three year olds are in fact my second set of twins and this is the second time I have dealt with all this madness. Have I just forgotten how unreasonable three year olds are? Why can't I remember what I did last time? Everyone talks about the terrible two's but there is nothing like a pair of three year olds who work together to plot against you. If one hurts themselves and starts to cry the other one immediately throws them self on to the floor and starts wailing, not in sympathy but because they have seen their twin sister getting a bit of one to one attention. People often tell me I should write a book on bringing up twins but I wouldn't know where to begin, I am amazed every evening that we all made it through the day and when I finally get to bed I am already thinking about the mountain I have to climb the next day and the realisation that there is only two chocolate weetabix left in the cereal cupboard and four children who will want them in the morning.


Right enough rambling, I have school bags to pack, school shoes to find and clothes to get out for the morning, although my littlies will refuse to wear whatever I choose in favour of some colourful non matching attire, which will no doubt be changed three or four or five times during the day..