Thursday, 14 January 2016

Mermaids and MAYHEM

So it has been a while since I thought about writing a blog post. It gets to the evening and all is finally quiet, after fourteen hours of LOUD and the playroom is tidied and the dishwasher unloaded and the washing put on and the tumble dryer is on and the washing is put away and the clothes are out for the morning. I just about have the strength to turn on the laptop and lift a large glass of wine to my lips and all I can do is sit and try not to think about children for a few hours before the night shift begins!

People keep saying to me “oh but it must be getting easier” and I politely smile and say yes in some ways but what I really want to say is “ come to my house and spend twelve hours in this mad house and then you wouldn’t think about uttering those words to me”!!!! Of course in theory it should be easier. The Bigs are at school and the Littlies go playgroup in the morning but inexplicably it isn’t and I feel more exhausted than ever. Maybe it is because they are all so good at School and Playgroup that the moment they run out of the door they crumble when they see me and tantrums and inter- twin fighting begins. I also seem unable to keep all four happy at the same time. There is always someone crying.

Christmas was a joyous mix of excitement, chaos and screaming. We now have an abundance of fairies (Daisy asked for a Fairy village), unicorns, dolphins and mermaids. Santa brought Lily a mermaid with a dolphin, because Lily LOVES dolphins, the mermaid wasn’t a lot to write home about, some might say Santa found it in a very cheap shop! Molly and Nell love mermaids so Nanny bought them a beautiful Ariel doll each from the Disney store but yet the three of them spent most of the time screaming and fighting over the inferior mermaid who came close to being beheaded on a number of occasions. SO Mummy decided to find the cheap shop that Santa may have bought the mermaid from and bought two more for Molly and Nell. Molly and Nell chose them themselves. One had a pink tail and pink hair and the other had a blue tail with yellow and green hair and a seahorse friend. They were asked repeatedly if they were happy with their choice, to which they replied they were. When we got home all was calm for about two minutes and then Nell decided she wanted a pink mermaid and then Lily got home and wanted the mermaid with the seahorse, not her original one that they all fought over, there was lots of crying and I thought my head may explode. SO the next day Mummy went back to the cheap shop and emptied the shelves of mermaids! Lily got the mermaid with the seahorse and Nell got the blue version of the pink mermaid (as there was no pink ones left which was a bit of gamble!) and then I felt sorry for Daisy who wasn’t at all bothered about dolls or mermaids so I bought her a new purse for her precious monies. At the end of the day everyone was thrilled except Lily who cried because she now wanted the sparkly purse that Daisy had. At this point I texted my other half and said I can’t deal with twins any more they are just too hard and to bring home a bottle of wine SOD dry January.

My next instalment will cover the merging of twins in to one bedroom…..

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